We are a passionate, creative team of experienced engineers and product people

About Us

Our Why,

We are dedicated to support our customer to improve their products and  solutions.We want to spread IoT device solutions and creates a better behaviour to people, organizations and our environment.

Marc Torrent

Electronics Engineer + Master Degree in Robotics

10+  years of professional experience in the design, development and technical coordination of R&D and innovation projects.

Expert in electronic design and integration in the fields of electronic sensing, signal processing and Wireless Communications.

Wide experience working in Wearable Body Sensor Networks and in the study and analysis of movement parameters.

Technical Project Manager in international cooperation projects including European FP7 and Horizon 2020.

Rafel Pelach

Product Development Engineer + MBA

20 years background in automotive sector as a Program manager, designing product and manufacturing process to achieved OEM specs, quality and volumes

After finishing an MBA in Barcelona in  2015 he has been involved as Innovation Program Manager  in several SME and research centres developing new products on automotive, food sector and environment sectors, or managing innovation portfolio.

From 2014, Sterna create an engineering to develop electronic IOT devices mainly for industrial and Health sectors. Including technical feasibility, product design, prototyping, manufacturing and certification.

Our industry DNA…

Automotive industry   —   90%

Medical Devices   —   65%

Sensors   —   73%

Internet of Things   —   95%

Portable Electronics   —   80%

Lab Technology   —   75%

Our working process



Through sessions with the company team we understand its challenges and objectives. Then we apply problem solving and ideation techniques to formulate a rough plan. We analyse each idea risks and feasibility to end up with a potential portfolio of solutions.



We analyse the potential competitors and market players, leveraging our client’s knowledge to find the most promising opportunities for market disruption and growth.



We analyse all the potential client needs in terms of financing and partners needed to put forward the innovation strategy. We incept a business and exploitation plan for every path in the innovation portfolio.



We end up with a complete and reviewed portfolio to engage the final innovation strategy. It includes a thorough analysis of goals, time & resources, milestones and return of investment indicators.

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