Products available for the program Kit Digital

Products and services for helping in the digitalization process for SMEs and profesionals. With the support from NextGenerationEU instrument.

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Sterna empowers customer leaders and teams through


Strategy and Business Model

Innovation Advice

Product Design and Development

Manufacturing Services

Specific Technology Solutions

Technology Feasibility

Evaluate the technical feasibility, risks and potential interest of ideas. From sensor data requirements and technical state of art, to customer uses cases, resources, markets and finance.

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Product Development

We give support through the whole development chain. Starting from conceptualization, and covering design and fabrication of prototypes, industrial design and validation.

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We are able to lead product manufacturing development as well as be your in-company partner, taking care of specs and process capability, production volume ramp up and investment ROI.

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Program Management

Coordination of teams and suppliers focusing on the goals and milestones defined. Our management services cover strategy, innovation, and technical planning and execution.

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Innovation Strategy

From the diagnostic, we define challenges and goals to focus the company efforts towards the key strategic activities to implement, and offer support on the follow-up and surveillance activities to achieve the objectives

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Some words about us

STERNA Innovation Projects SL is an Engineering and Strategic Innovation company dedicated to:

STERNA ENGINEERING: From product design to certification, the Sterna team is integrated to customer teams to empower and achieve defined goals.

  • Intelligent Electronic Devices development. From technical feasibility to product manufacturing delivery, the Sterna team manage innovation projects integrating to customer teams in order to achieve required feasibility and cost objectives.
  • Process and Manufacturing improvement using technology and digital plants products to get efficiency and increase customers value and market positioning.

STERNA INNOVATION STRATEGY: From the diagnostic, challenges and goals are defined to focus the company efforts to the key activities implementation. Sterna team’s aim is to define a roadmap of key actions and support on the strategy follow-up and surveillance plan.

  • PYME Strategic Plans and implementation
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Business Plan and Exploitation Plan
  • Program and innovation portfolio management

Our Industry Sectors Specialization

Automotive Industry

Medical Devices

Sensors Technology

Internet of Things

Portable Electronics

Lab Technology

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